Sandals Emerald Bay

Sandals Emerald Bay- the Beach Experience

Sandals Emerald Bay-  The beach experience !

Imagine, you are lounging on your chaise, next to your loved one looking over a bay with all the shades of blue imaginable. The sun is hot, the ocean breeze cool,  the sand baby powder soft and you are amazingly content and comfortable.  You find yourself thirsty and reach into the cooler  for your favorite cold beverage that your butler thoughtfully placed there when he put down your towels that morning. Speaking of your butler, here he come with fresh towels and the mohito’s that you mentioned you loved from  the night before at at the Drunken Duck where you listened to that great band !

After you enjoy your Mohito’s the two of you decide that now is the time to learn how to use a catamaran. You approach the watersports team and they greet you with a smile! As you have your lesson and a few laughs  you realize how nice it is to have everything at your finger tips! Off you two go – enjoying the bay, the wind taking you back & forth as you cruise over the water, the spray cooling you off, fingers trailing in the water,  exhileration!  Once you’ve had your fill you head back, and realize you’re ready for an afternoon snack.

At your chaise, your loved one reaches for the butler cell phone and orders  a fresh tossed salad for you, some of those great home made nacho chips and fresh salsa  from Barefoot by the Sea, and a pizza for him.  You towel off and relax, holding hands and discuss what you want to do tomorrow….the choices are endless,  snorkel, learn to scuba dive, massage for two, golf, bone or snapper fishing, tennis lessons with the tennis pro, island hopping, kyaking, enjoy the swim up bar and make a few new friends or maybe the tranquility and shade of the quiet pool……… or another relaxing beach day!

As you watch the sun go down, wrapped up together in a towel together you snuggle in and sigh….. ahhhhh this is the life!

Sandals Emerald Bay


Tranquil, stunning & exclusive, Sandals Emerald Bay is the perfect place to get away from all the stresses of life and reconnect with the one you Love. This all suite resort will satisfy those longing for the  feel of a private island, amazing beaches and modern luxuries and conveniences. Located in the out islands of The Bahamas Sandals Emerald Bay is close to home  but will take you far away from all your worries and cares.